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Transformative Corporate Governance Principles for Private Businesses
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"I've always loved applying processes to win, drive efficiency, and give back to others. Charged Governance is helping me apply this to improve corporate governance oversight in my business organizations. This is a governance road map that founders and owners of private businesses need to read."
Kelvin Beachum
NFL Professional Athlete, Business Owner

Effective Corporate Governance for Businesses

Effective corporate governance makes great businesses, but very few founders of businesses have truly understood how to harness the value of corporate governance to help make their businesses great.

Until now. 

A different take on 
corporate governance

In this groundbreaking book, Andrew Usuki deconstructs previously held notions of corporate governance, and reveals transformative governance principles for businesses.

He examines five key stakeholders of a business: shareholders; directors; employees, customers, and suppliers; creditors and acquirers; and legacy founders. 

With a focus on the founders’ perspective, he defines corporate governance as a system of checks and balances that guides individuals within a business to consistently make decisions in the best interest of the business, and in compliance with business law.
Effective Corporate Governance =
Freedom, Lasting Legacy, and Powerful Valuation
Corporate Governance = Freedom, Lasting Legacy and Powerful Valuation.
We start by building awareness of key corporate governance issues in the context of your business.
This allows you to identify existing problems that need immediate attention.
We start fixing them immediately.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to calmly scan your business to prevent potential problems before they occur.
The result is freedom from anxieties related to relationships with all your business stakeholders, as you minimize potential liabilities.
Andrew accompanies the reader on a succinct journey to the heart of the matter: Great businesses have founders with self-awareness of their individual anxieties inside the business.

They work to change old approaches. They build and implement new solutions founded in best-in-breed governance practices, which ultimately alleviates the anxieties. With new solutions in place, these businesses realize the full potential of their founders’ authentic legacy and maximize their business valuation.
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What People are Saying

  • "Charged Governance helped us to realize that the business topics which continue to linger on our minds at home after our fast-paced workdays are corporate governance topics. Andrew Usuki's approach helped us to reorder the priority of some of our most important business decisions. This may sound overused —but truly we wish that Andrew had written this book sooner, since it has been so valuable."
    —Nigel and Rachelle Powell
    Geospatial Imaging Executive and Entrepreneur & Quality & Regulatory Executive and Entrepreneur
  • "Charged Governance breaks down the barriers of conventional thinking and unveils game-changing principles tailored for private enterprises. It's not your grandfather's business rules that rule the boardroom any longer, and Usuki gives you the winning game plan."
    —Jeffrey Hayzlett,
    Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy
  • "As a veteran communications pro, I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up Charged Governance, but I was impressed by its straightforward readability and effective simplification of complex concepts. If you're the founder of a private business, this book is a must-read, as it will help alleviate anxieties you may have in dealing with your critical business"
    —Tami Nealy
    Former LifeLock, Inc. Communications Executive

About the Author

Andrew Usuki

Andrew has advised businesses and governments spanning five continents in his career as an investment banker, manufacturing executive, shareholder, and investor in multiple businesses. 

Andrew is the Author of "Charged Governance: Transformative Corporate Governance Principles for Private Businesses."
“As an integrated advisory firm, Andrew Usuki Advisors illuminates the path to powerful valuations and lasting business legacies”
What defines Andrew most is his ability to work side-by-side with business leaders to harness their own self-awareness of what within their business is causing anxiety. By implementing new solutions founded in outstanding corporate governance practices, these anxieties are gone. Leaders are able to build more powerful business valuations and lasting legacies.
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