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Embrace outstanding corporate governance practices that guide you through the unknown. Achieve a more powerful valuation with highly attractive exit options—in any market environment.
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Charged Governance

Transformative Corporate Governance Principles for Private Businesses

People often think corporate governance relates to publicly traded businesses. But sound corporate governance is critical to the success of private businesses as well.

In fact, implementing effective corporate governance practices can help eliminate many of the anxieties felt by business founders as they navigate their business’ growth, such as achieving a more powerful valuation, a lasting legacy, and reduced liabilities.
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Lighting the path to powerful performance for businesses

We work side-by-side with our clients to illuminate a clear path through common challenges faced by successful lower middle and middle market companies. Our holistic approach uncovers roadblocks lurking in the shadows that prevent higher revenue, profit, and valuation.
About Our Services
Effective Corporate Governance =
Freedom, Lasting Legacy, and Powerful Valuation
Corporate Governance = Freedom, Lasting Legacy and Powerful Valuation.
We start by building awareness of key corporate governance issues in the context of your business.
This allows you to identify existing problems that need immediate attention.
We start fixing them immediately.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to calmly scan your business to prevent potential problems before they occur.
The result is freedom from anxieties related to relationships with all your business stakeholders, as you minimize potential liabilities.

Meet Andrew Usuki

Author, MBA, Juris Doctor

Andrew has advised businesses and governments spanning five continents in his career as an investment banker, manufacturing executive, shareholder, and investor in multiple businesses. 

Andrew is the Author of "Charged Governance: Transformative Corporate Governance Principles for Private Businesses."
“As an integrated advisory firm, Andrew Usuki Advisors illuminates the path to powerful valuations and lasting business legacies”
What defines Andrew most is his ability to work side-by-side with business leaders to harness their own self-awareness of what within their business is causing anxiety. By implementing new solutions founded in outstanding corporate governance practices, these anxieties are gone. Leaders are able to build more powerful business valuations and lasting legacies.
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Typical Outcomes
Our Clients Can Expect

Increased majority and minority shareholder and business alignment toward robust growth
More knowledgeable boards of directors that add value by driving fiduciary duty and corporate governance compliance
Powerful valuation and attractive exit strategy
Effective go-to-market strategy for optimal commercial growth
Precise cost reduction strategies for margin enhancement
Best-in-breed working capital, inventory, and capital expenditure management approaches
Step-by-step guidance when considering raising capital from either individuals, institutional investors, or creditors
Knowledge necessary to make effective decisions dealing with dignity considerations
About Our Services

Case Studies

Our engagements are tailored to meet the needs of each individual business and leader. No two assignments are alike. 

Here are a few examples of the types of results our clients gain after working with us:
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Shifting Gears:
Achieving a Tenfold Valuation Increase

A manufacturer had developed a nice niche for its business. To take the company to the next level, however, required a go-to-market strategy that was above and beyond the current distribution model. In addition, as is typical of a family-run business, many of the necessary governance checks and balances were missing.
●   01

Weathering the Storm: Fulfilling A Founder’s Lasting Legacy During Global Disruption

The global shutdowns that occurred as a result of the COVID pandemic wreaked havoc on many businesses around the world. 
But for a multinational global logistics company, the situation was particularly challenging.
●   02

Accelerating Momentum: Developing A Value-Added Board of Directors and Motivating Shareholders

Startups often bootstrap their growth with investments from the friends and family of founders. But, having too many shareholder agreements without a clear corporate structure nearly sunk a growing consumer goods business years later.

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